Corfield Art


Mark Corfield has painted all his life, initially watercolours of birds, countryside scenes, inspired by nature where he lived and worked in agriculture.  He now splits his time between managing the farm and his art carreer.

His Art

His practice now is based on the exploration of the inherently natural character of watercolours and it affinity to countryside and the environment. Using a synthetic plastic paper as the base, he allows the water and pigment unhampered by the paper to reveal their own properties and behaviour. The relationship between him and these elements, create transcendent ethereal works that are still connected to the earth and the natural world. The pigments paper and water being the fundamental elements that are the bridge between himself and nature.

Leading principles in his work are colour, edges, fluidity, texture light and depth, but more importantly he is trying to abstract his concepts, to discover the essence of interpretation, to realize the power of simplicity. By reduction he makes his work more universal. He feels that a work should say something and connected somehow with a basic need in all of us to find, in an almost primeval way, a link with our roots in the earth and a higher sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves